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Joe Pantalone is currently employed as an Urban Affairs Specialist at Joe Pantalone Consulting Ltd. Joe Pantalone has had a distinguished career in municipal politics. In addition to serving on Toronto City Council for 30 years, with the last seven as Deputy Mayor, Joe has held key positions on a range of boards and committees including city planning and land use, transportation and economic development, as well as, green infrastructure. His compelling track record successfully working with diverse communities within the City of Toronto, including the private sector, has led to unprecedented achievements in the various initiatives undertaken and earned Joe the respect of constituents, politicians, and captains of industry alike. Whether presiding over a board of directors, proposing new effective business models or championing innovative initiatives, Mr. Pantalone’s visionary acumen combined with his natural ability to bring everyone together to work collaboratively are a testament to his exceptional leadership capabilities.


government liaison, community relations, land use development, public-private partnerships, negotitation, strategic management, project implementation

For more information visit his profile at http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/joe-pantalone/2a/a45/a57

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Joe Pantalone maintains his tough—and lonely—stand against merlot

Joe Pantalone: city councillor, benevolent shepheard (Photo: joepantalone.org)

Being a city councillor is a tough job—just ask deputy mayor Joe Pantalone. Fresh from killing Ossington’s buzz, he now finds himself on an increasingly lonely crusade to deny a liquor license to J.P. Challet’s new Harbord Street bistro, Ici. Ostensibly, Pantalone wants to ensure a bad precedent isn’t set and that the license doesn’t stay with the venue if the restaurant closes, causing the whole street to descend into a crime-ridden hell (you know, again).

While 285 people signed a petition in support of the alcohol bid and have voiced their support to Pantalone’s office, the councillor isn’t swayed.

In a recent Globe article, Pantalone claimed that “a lot of people in the community are being distracted by the fact that the applicants are nice people,” as though the intentions of Challet were beside the point and the failure of Ici was a forgone conclusion. But what really caught our eye was his Father Knows Best take on leadership:

Leadership means that you stick your neck out even though a strong segment of your community thinks otherwise, if you think that what is being suggested is ultimately for the detriment of the community.

Thanks, Dad.

• Councillor fights bistro liquor licence [Globe and Mail]

by Jon Sufrin October 7, 2009 at 3:17 pm

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Joe Pantalone on his vision of Toronto (Audio)

The Globe and Mail


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Mayoral candidate talks to The Globe and Mail’s editorial board


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